Meha Automotive is now a member of the IAAF.

Meha Automotive is now a member of the IAAF. 2021-12-09
Meha Automotive is now a member of the IAAF.

As Meha Automotive, after TecDoc, we are now increasing, strengthening and developing our network, collaborations and technology investments with IAAF.

We are constantly expanding our network in the global supply chain.We bring our Meha branded products together with our customers in 4 different continents. We export a product range of over 4,500 and 28 different countries. Being a manufacturer makes us strong at every single step.

We have started our solution partnership with the Independent Automotive AfterSales Federation (IAAF). The main function of the IAAF which is founded in 1930, is to promote and secure the future of the independent automotive aftermarket for the benefit of its members and the industry. The IAAF is the only trade association that specifically lobbies for parts on behalf of the independent automotive industry. And as Meha Automotive, we are a member of this unique network. The aim of the IAAF is to promote all aspects of the aftermarket and provide useful services to us members.

IAAF membership is a great service for distributors and suppliers of parts who want to keep up with current regulations and add value to their business processes.

You can be informed about our products and services through our monthly IAAF e-bulletin and our social media channels by following Meha Automotive.